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Damp Dusters

The Pink Stuff Power Drops

Pink Stuff Miracle Cleaning Paste

The cleaning paste is easy to use and gentle on all
surfaces. Apply with a soft cloth or sponge. After this
simply rinse the surface or treated object with water and
rinse with water and polish with a clean cloth.

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How can you use The Pink Stuff?

This wonder cleaner is very versatile. It is sold as a general anti stain cleaner, but there are so many things you can clean with this stuff. The usage is the same for most things: you first smear some of the paste on, let it do its job for a while and then rinse it off. Easy right?

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The new toilet gel

The Pink Stuff Toilet Cleaner makes the toilet shiny clean again. A unique fresh perfume fills the entire toilet. The sparkling foam cleaning action makes your toilet hygienically clean. Kills 99% of bacteria. Removes limescale deposits with regular use (3x per week).

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