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Fabulosa All-purpose cleaner spray | Perky Pink (500 ml)

Fabulosa All-purpose cleaner spray | Perky Pink (500 ml)

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Enter the world of thorough cleaning and refreshing scents with Fabulosa All-purpose Cleaner spray in the alluring scent of Perky Pink, packaged in a generous 500 ml bottle. This powerful cleaner not only offers thorough cleaning, but also leaves behind a delightful and invigorating scent.

Our all-purpose cleaner is designed to effectively clean various surfaces in the home, making dirt, grease and stains disappear effortlessly. At the same time, the alluring scent of Perky Pink envelops your home with a fresh and inviting aroma, filling the room with a pleasant and energetic atmosphere.

With a generous 500 ml capacity, this spray offers an ample supply of powerful cleaning, allowing you to enjoy a sparkling clean environment with a delightful scent time after time.

Fabulosa All-purpose Cleaner Spray in Perky Pink is an indispensable ally in your cleaning arsenal, which not only cleans thoroughly but also adds an invigorating scent to every room in your home.

Experience the power of thorough cleaning combined with the alluring scent of Perky Pink with Fabulosa All-purpose Cleaner Spray 500 ml. Transform your cleaning routine into a refreshing experience as you clean your home and create a vibrant atmosphere with this delightful all-purpose cleaner.
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