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Fabulosa Foam Freshener Spray | Watermelon 300ml

Fabulosa Foam Freshener Spray | Watermelon 300ml

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Bring an explosion of freshness and sweetness to your home with the Fabulosa Foam Freshener Spray in the delightful Watermelon scent. This innovative foam freshener is designed to work instantly and leave a long-lasting, invigorating scent on a variety of surfaces and fabrics in your home. From carpets and curtains to furniture and car interiors, Fabulosa provides a fresh and inviting aroma to any space.

Most important features:

 Instant refreshment: The foam formula ensures an immediate and even distribution of the scent, immediately freshening your environment.
 Sweet watermelon scent: Enjoy the wonderfully sweet and fruity scent of watermelon, which brings a summery and cheerful feeling to your home.
 Versatile use: Suitable for various surfaces such as carpets, curtains, furniture, bedding, and car interiors. One product for all your scent freshening needs!
 Long-lasting effect: The formula is designed to work long-lasting, keeping your home smelling fresh for hours.
 Compact and convenient: The 300ml spray can is compact and easy to use, ideal for quick refreshment and daily fragrance maintenance.


 Shake well: Shake the can well before use to activate the foam formula.
 Application: Hold the can upright and spray evenly onto the desired surface from a distance of approximately 30 cm.
 Allow to dry: Allow the foam to work for a few seconds and dry. For an extra fragrance boost, you can reapply if necessary.

The Fabulosa Foam Freshener Spray in Watermelon is the perfect way to freshen any room in your home and add a pleasant scent. Add a touch of sweetness to your daily life and enjoy the refreshing scent of watermelon whenever you want. Experience the seductive freshness of Fabulosa and give your home the scent makeover it deserves!
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