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Scrub Daddy

Scrub Daddy | Cart Daddy shopping bags

Scrub Daddy | Cart Daddy shopping bags

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Make your shopping easier and more environmentally friendly with the Cart Daddy shopping bags from Scrub Daddy. These innovative bags are designed to make organizing your shopping easy, both in the shopping cart and when taking it home.


 Practical and Convenient: The Cart Daddy shopping bags contain a smart bar that falls over the edge of the shopping cart. This keeps the bags open, which makes filling them while shopping or after paying a lot easier. No more hassle with collapsing bags!

 Different Sizes: In the package you will find two large bags and one small bag. This means you always have the right size at hand, whether you are doing a large weekly shop or only need a few items.

 Flexible Usage Options: Use the bags together for an organized shopping experience or separately, depending on your needs. They are ideal for various errands and situations.

 Space-saving: When you are not using the bags, you can easily collapse them and store them. They take up little space and are perfect to keep in your car or at home.

 Easy to Clean: The Cart Daddy shopping bags are machine washable. Simply remove the wand and throw the bags in the washing machine for a thorough cleaning.

 Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly: By using these reusable bags you contribute to reducing plastic waste. A sustainable choice that is good for the environment and your wallet.


 Organization and Efficiency: Keep your groceries organized and easily distribute them in your shopping cart and when taking them home. No more messy and clumsy shopping bags.

 Ease of use: Thanks to the innovative rod, the bags remain open, which makes loading and unloading groceries considerably easier. Spend less time packing, more time for other things.

 Environmentally friendly: Contribute to a better environment by using reusable bags. Reduce dependence on plastic and choose a more sustainable alternative.

Instructions for Use and Maintenance:

 In the Shopping Cart: Place the bags in the shopping cart and make sure that the bar falls over the edge so that the bags remain open.
 Filling: Fill the bags while shopping or after paying. Use the different sizes for different types of messages.
 Storage: Simply fold the bags and store them compactly when not in use.
 Cleaning: Remove the swab and machine wash the bags for a fresh and clean reuse.
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