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Scrub Daddy

Scrub Daddy - Soap Daddy Dual Action Soap Dispenser

Scrub Daddy - Soap Daddy Dual Action Soap Dispenser

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Bring efficiency and style to your cleaning routine with the Scrub Daddy - Soap Daddy Dual Action Soap Dispenser. This handy combination pack contains the transparent Scrub Daddy soap dispenser plus the Daddy Wonder WashUp dishwashing liquid, perfect for easily cleaning your dishes, hands, or other surfaces.


 Dual Action: The Soap Daddy soap dispenser offers two easy ways to use soap. Use the top to apply an appropriate amount of soap directly to your sponge or press the sides of the tube to release soap from the bottom. This way you can spray the soap directly onto the surfaces to be cleaned.

 Perfectly Dosed: Regardless of the cleaning job, with Soap Daddy you always have a perfectly dosed amount of soap. This not only makes cleaning easier, but also more efficient, so you never use too much soap.

 Stylish and Practical Design: The cheerful and floral appearance of the dispenser makes it a beautiful addition to your kitchen or bathroom. The transparent housing shows the color of your chosen detergent, making it a perfect match for your interior and allowing you to quickly see when the soap needs to be refilled.

 Includes Daddy Wonder WashUp: This powerful dish soap is part of the combination pack and provides a thorough clean for your dishes, hands and surfaces. Together with the Soap Daddy soap dispenser it provides a complete and efficient cleaning solution.


 Easy to Use: The innovative design of the soap dispenser makes it simple and intuitive to use. No more hassle with spills or incorrect dosing.

 Multifunctional: Ideal for cleaning dishes, hands, and various surfaces in the home. The dual action ensures that you can use the soap in the most convenient way, depending on the job.

 Fresh and Tidy: The stylish design of the dispenser keeps your kitchen or bathroom organized and fresh. No more messy soap bottles, but an elegant and functional tool that is always within reach.

Use and Maintenance:

 Filling: Unscrew the cap of the soap dispenser and fill with the Daddy Wonder WashUp dishwashing liquid or another soap of your choice.
 To apply: Squeeze the top to apply soap to your sponge, or squeeze the sides to spray soap directly onto the surface.
 Refilling: The transparent housing makes it easy to see when it is time to refill.
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