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Asevi stain remover spray 720 ml

Asevi stain remover spray 720 ml

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Effectively remove stubborn stains and unpleasant odors from your laundry with the Asevi Stain Remover. This powerful spray is ideal for tackling stains such as oil, grease, blood, make-up and even scratches on collars or cuffs. In addition, it eliminates unwanted odors such as sweat, without damaging clothing or leaving stains.


 Powerful Formula: Effective against stubborn stains and odors.
 Ease of use: Spray directly onto the stain, leave for five minutes and then wash as usual.
 Fortified Detergent: Can also be added to the detergent dispenser for extra cleaning power.
 Safe for Clothing: Does not leave stains or damage fabric.
 Environmentally friendly: Vegan, not tested on animals and the bottle is fully recyclable.

The Asevi Stain Remover is designed to effectively remove stubborn stains without affecting the fibers of your clothing. The formula is completely vegan and the product has not been tested on animals, making it a responsible choice. In addition, the fully recyclable bottle contributes to sustainability.

With 720ml in each bottle, Asevi Stain Remover provides long-lasting power and performance. Add this stain remover to your laundry routine for a thorough cleaning of your laundry, every time.
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