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Fabulosa Cream Cleaner - Unicorn Dust

Fabulosa Cream Cleaner - Unicorn Dust

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Introducing the Fabulosa Cream Cleaner in the enchanting scent Unicorn Dust, your new favorite cleaning product for a spotless and radiant home! This powerful cream cleaner has been specially developed to effortlessly remove even the most stubborn dirt and grease residues, while enjoying a wonderfully fresh and magical scent.


 Deep Cleansing: The Fabulosa Cream Cleaner tackles dirt and stains with a powerful formula that thoroughly cleans and leaves surfaces shiny.

 Versatile Use: Suitable for various surfaces such as kitchen countertops, bathrooms, sinks, tiles, and more. An all-rounder that makes your entire house sparkling clean.

 Unicorn Dust Scent: Make your home smell wonderful with the enchanting scent of Unicorn Dust. A fresh, sweet scent that adds a touch of magic to your cleaning routine.

 Mild Formula: Despite its powerful effect, the Fabulosa Cream Cleaner is gentle on surfaces, allowing you to clean without worries.

 Easy to use: Easy to apply with a cloth or sponge. A little product is enough to clean large surfaces.


 Shake the bottle well before use.
 Apply a small amount of the cream cleaner to a cloth or sponge.
 Gently rub the surface to be cleaned.
 Rinse or wipe with clean water for a streak-free result.

Contents: 500 ml

With the Fabulosa Cream Cleaner - Unicorn Dust, cleaning is not only a piece of cake, but also a pleasant experience thanks to the magical scent. Add this versatile cleaning product to your arsenal and enjoy a spotless, fresh and enchantingly clean home!
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