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Fabulosa Washing Machine Cleaner - Cotton Fresh

Fabulosa Washing Machine Cleaner - Cotton Fresh

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Keep your washing machine fresh and clean with the Fabulosa Washing Machine Cleaner in the invigorating scent of Cotton Fresh. This powerful cleaning agent effectively removes dirt, odors and residue, keeping your washing machine performing optimally.


 Deep Cleaning: Removes dirt, odors and residue that build up in your washing machine so your clothes always smell clean.

 Cotton Fresh Scent: Experience the refreshing scent of freshly washed cotton that gives your washing machine and your clothes long-lasting freshness.

 Protects your Machine: Helps prevent clogs and odors so your washing machine lasts longer.

 Easy to Use: Simply add to the empty drum of your washing machine and run a cleaning cycle for a thorough clean.

 Safe and Effective: Formula specially designed to clean your washing machine without causing damage.


 Insert an empty drum.
 Pour the contents of two capsules into the drum.
 Run a hot wash program (60°C or higher) without prewash or extra rinse.
 Repeat monthly for best results.

Contents: Packaged per single-use capsules, easy to add without spilling.

With Fabulosa Washing Machine Cleaner - Cotton Fresh, your washing machine stays in top condition, while your clothes continue to smell wonderfully fresh. Add this effective cleaner to your laundry routine for a reliable and fresh washing experience every time.
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