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Scrub Daddy

Scrub Mommy - Christmas Tree | Limited Edition

Scrub Mommy - Christmas Tree | Limited Edition

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Make your holidays extra sparkling with the Limited Edition Scrub Daddy in the shape of a Christmas tree! This cheerful and effective cleaning sponge is not only a festive addition to your kitchen, but also provides the high-quality cleaning power you have come to expect from Scrub Daddy.


 Festive Design: The Scrub Daddy Christmas Tree immediately brings a cheerful Christmas atmosphere to your kitchen. The playful design puts a smile on your face while cleaning and makes daily washing up a bit more fun.

 Temperature Sensitive Material: Just like the original Scrub Daddy, this sponge changes texture depending on the water temperature. Use cold water for a firm, scrub-friendly texture or warm water for a soft, flexible sponge that's perfect for delicate surfaces.

 Scratch-Free Cleaning: The Scrub Daddy Christmas Tree is safe to use on various surfaces such as glass, stainless steel, non-stick surfaces, and more. You can clean with confidence without leaving scratches.

 Ergonomic Design: Thanks to its unique shape, the Scrub Daddy fits comfortably in the hand and allows you to easily reach difficult corners and edges. The shape of the Christmas tree also provides extra grip and control during cleaning.

 Durable and Odor Resistant: Made of high-quality FlexTexture® material, the Scrub Daddy Christmas Tree resists odors and lasts longer than traditional scouring pads. You can count on a long-lasting and fresh cleaning experience.

Use: Wet the Scrub Daddy Christmas Tree with water of your choice (cold for hard scrubbing, warm for gentle cleaning) and add a little washing-up liquid if necessary. Use the sponge to thoroughly clean surfaces, dishes and cookware. Rinse well after use and allow to dry.

Why Choose Scrub Daddy - Christmas Tree:

 Add a festive touch to your cleaning routine.
 Benefit from Scrub Daddy's proven cleaning power and durability.
 A perfect gift idea for friends and family during the holidays.

Limited Edition: The Scrub Daddy Christmas Tree is an exclusive limited edition, which means it is only available for a limited time. Don't miss this opportunity to put the Christmas spirit in your kitchen with this unique and effective cleaning sponge.

Bring the magic of Christmas to your cleaning routine with the Scrub Daddy Christmas Tree Limited Edition. Order now and make cleaning a festive activity!
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