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The Pink Stuff

The Pink Stuff Microfibre absorbent cleaning pads - 3 pieces

The Pink Stuff Microfibre absorbent cleaning pads - 3 pieces

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Our microfibre cleaning pads are designed for ultimate absorption and efficiency. They effortlessly absorb spills and also easily remove dirt, grease and dust. Thanks to their versatility, you can use the pads either dry or wet, depending on your cleaning needs.

The pack includes three beautiful pink cleaning pads, so you will always have a clean pad at hand when you need it. The high-quality microfibre texture ensures they are long-lasting and deliver excellent results time after time.

Why choose The Pink Stuff Microfibre Cleaning Pads?

High absorbency: Absorbs spills quickly and effectively.
Versatile use: Suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, tables, cabinets and more.
Efficient cleaning: Easily removes dirt, grease and dust.
Can be used dry or damp: Flexible to use for all your cleaning needs.
Durable: Made of high-quality microfibres for long-lasting use.
Conveniently packaged: Set of 3 pads so you always have a clean pad at the ready.
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