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Scrub Daddy

Scrub Mommy - Cat | limited edition

Scrub Mommy - Cat | limited edition

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Meet the perfect kitchen tool for cat lovers - the Scrub Mommy Cat Edition! This adorable sponge, shaped like a cat, not only adds a dose of playfulness to your kitchen, but also makes cleaning extremely practical and enjoyable.

The cat-shaped sponge is thoughtfully designed to enhance your dishwashing experience. The cat's eyelets act as ergonomic handles, giving you extra grip while washing dishes. The cat's mouth makes cleaning cutlery a breeze, both on the inside and outside. The ridges on its cheeks and pointed ears make it easy to thoroughly clean even the smallest crevices and holes.

The Scrub Mommy Cat Edition has two unique sides to meet all your cleaning needs. One side, made of FlexTexture material, adapts to water temperature - hard with cold water for stubborn dirt and soft with warm water for gentle cleaning. The other side is extra absorbent, allowing dishwashing liquid to adhere better. After rinsing, the sponge remains stain-free and retains its freshness for up to 8 weeks.

Add a touch of charm to your kitchen and make cleaning fun with the Scrub Mommy Cat Edition. Order your very own cat-shaped cleaning hero today and enjoy a practical and enjoyable dishwashing experience.
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