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Scrub Daddy

Scrub Daddy Scour Daddy Staal 2 stuks

Scrub Daddy Scour Daddy Staal 2 stuks

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Intensive cleaning becomes a breeze with the powerful Scour Daddy scouring sponges, which impressively deal with stubborn stains and soiling. The robust stainless steel fibre exterior makes these sponges exceptionally tough, making them superior to comparable scouring sponges. Kitchen, bathroom, dishes or other areas of the home, these sponges make cleaning effortless.

The inside of the sponges is made of FlexTexture material. This special material adapts to the water temperature, becoming soft and absorbent in hot water, while in cold water it becomes firm and strong to clean thoroughly. Only water will therefore suffice for both gentle and intensive cleaning jobs, without the need for chemical detergents.

Keep in mind that these firm sponges are not suitable for delicate or coated surfaces to avoid damage. They also retain their freshness for up to 8 weeks and do not absorb unpleasant odours. The pack contains 2 grey sponges that are extremely durable and effective for stubborn home cleaning tasks.
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