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Scrub Daddy

Radiant Clean Set | Scrub Daddy | Blue

Radiant Clean Set | Scrub Daddy | Blue

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Meet the ultimate Scrub Daddy set, which will make your house radiantly clean again! This unique cleaning set contains three essential products that help you with all kinds of cleaning jobs around the house.

1. Damp Duster - For a Dust and Dirt Free Home

The Damp Duster is your secret weapon against dust and dirt on various surfaces. With ease, this duster glides over furniture, shelves and other surfaces, securely trapping dirt. When it's time to clean the duster, simply rinse it under the tap. This way your house always stays fresh and clean.

2. Dish Daddy - Sparkling Clean Dishes

With the Dish Daddy, washing up becomes a piece of cake. This washing-up brush is equipped with a sponge made of the unique Flex-Texture material. The sponge becomes hard in warm water and soft in cold water, giving you the right texture for every situation. But that is not everything! The Dish Daddy also has an ingenious reservoir in which you can easily place washing-up liquid. That way you dose exactly the right amount while thoroughly cleaning the dishes.

3. Scrub Daddy Sponge - Child's Play for Cleaning

The iconic Scrub Daddy sponge is a must-have for any cleaning job. Thanks to the unique Flex-Texture material, the sponge changes hardness, making cleaning various surfaces child's play. Grease, dirt and stubborn stains are no longer a challenge for this powerful sponge. You will be amazed at the result!

Contents of the set:

     Blue Scrub Daddy sponge
     Blue Dish Daddy
     Blue Vapor Duster

With this Scrub Daddy cleaning kit, cleaning your home becomes an efficient and enjoyable experience. Don't let dirt and stains stand a chance and ensure a radiantly clean home with these high-quality products. Order today and enjoy a flawless cleaning experience!
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