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The Pink Stuff

The Pink Stuff Miracle Scrubber kit

The Pink Stuff Miracle Scrubber kit

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Discover a new standard in easy cleaning with The Pink Stuff Cleaning Kit. This versatile kit combines the power of Miracle cleaning paste with a handy 4-piece brush set, making even the most challenging cleaning jobs effortless.

Whether it's stubborn dirt, stains or deposits on countertops, showers, garden furniture, kitchen appliances, glass and more, this cleaning kit provides the solution.

What's in the kit:

    Medium brush head: Specially designed for cleaning joints, sockets and shower heads.

    Large brush head: Perfectly suited for tackling ovens and shoes, removing even the most stubborn dirt.

    Sturdy cone head: Ideal for thoroughly cleaning small nooks and crannies that are otherwise difficult to reach.

    Soft brush head: Specially designed for delicate surfaces and glass, allowing you to safely and effectively clean even the most delicate materials.

Tips for optimal use:

For stunning results, we recommend using The Pink Stuff Miracle cleaning paste while cleaning. The combination of this powerful paste with the various brush heads in this kit ensures an unparalleled cleaning experience and a radiantly clean environment.

With The Pink Stuff Cleaning Kit, cleaning not only becomes easy, but also efficient and satisfying. Experience for yourself the convenience and power of this complete cleaning solution and
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