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Asevi air freshener spray Ocean Breeze 400 ml

Asevi air freshener spray Ocean Breeze 400 ml

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Make your home smell wonderfully fresh again with the Asevi Ocean Breeze Air Freshener. You can spray this concentrated air freshener in the home or on fabrics to enjoy the exclusive, fresh scent of nature for up to 12 hours. Thanks to the special formula, the spray leaves no stains or residue, so your home always stays clean and fresh.

The Asevi Ocean Breeze Air Freshener is completely gas-free and 100% environmentally friendly, which means that this spray is vegan. Moreover, the air freshener has not been tested on animals, which makes it an animal-friendly choice. After use, the empty bottle is fully recyclable, which contributes to a sustainable lifestyle.

With a capacity of 400 ml, the bottle offers long-term ease of use. Transform your living space with the invigorating scent of Asevi Ocean Breeze and enjoy a long-lasting fresh atmosphere in your home.
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