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Asevi liquid detergent Colors 2376 ml 44 washes

Asevi liquid detergent Colors 2376 ml 44 washes

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Care for your colored laundry with the Asevi Concentrated Detergent, designed to preserve the original color of textiles while thoroughly cleaning. This powerful detergent provides extra protection for colored clothing, keeping it beautiful for longer. After every wash, your clothes are not only clean, but also smell wonderfully fresh.


 Color Retaining Formula: Protects the original color of colored garments.
 Thorough Cleaning: Removes dirt and stains effectively, even at low temperatures.
 Refreshing Scent: Leaves your laundry smelling fresh after every wash.
 Environmentally friendly: Vegan and not tested on animals, with a 100% recyclable bottle.
 Long Lasting Supply: Bottle contains enough detergent for 44 washes.

The Asevi Concentrated Detergent for Colored Laundry is an environmentally friendly choice, suitable for those who value sustainability and animal welfare. The formula was developed without animal ingredients and has not been tested on animals. In addition, the fully recyclable bottle contributes to reducing your ecological footprint.

Enjoy radiantly clean and fresh-smelling colored laundry with the Asevi Concentrated Detergent. Maintain the vibrancy of your clothes while contributing to a cleaner planet.
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