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Asevi fabric softener Baby Hypoallergenic 1380 ml 60 washes

Asevi fabric softener Baby Hypoallergenic 1380 ml 60 washes

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This fabric softener from Asevi is specially designed for washing your little one's delicate laundry. Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested, this fabric softener provides optimal care for babies' sensitive skin. It leaves clothes feeling soft and provides a pleasant, delicate and fresh feeling, perfectly tailored to the needs of little ones with sensitive skin.

Suitable for all fabrics, from baby clothes to bedding, this fabric softener ensures that every wash provides a gentle and comfortable experience. The formula is mild and gentle, but powerful enough to soften clothes and reduce static electricity.

The bottle contains enough fabric softener for 60 washes, which ensures long-term ease of use. Choose the Asevi fabric softener and care for your little one's delicate laundry in a gentle and loving way.
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