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Fabulosa dryer sheets Cotton Fresh 40 pieces

Fabulosa dryer sheets Cotton Fresh 40 pieces

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Bring a touch of luxury and freshness to your laundry routine with Fabulosa Tumble Dryer Sheets. These innovative dryer sheets are the perfect companion for fresh, fragrant laundry. They are designed to provide your clothes with a long-lasting and wonderful cotton scent, while at the same time protecting your clothes, towels and bed linen from wrinkles, static electricity and loss of freshness due to the heat of the dryer.


 Long-lasting Cotton Fresh scent: Enjoy the invigorating scent that envelops your clothes, towels and bedding, as if they were line-dried outside.
 Anti-crease effect: Reduce wrinkles in your laundry, making ironing easier and faster.
 Anti-static: Prevent static electricity, for comfortable wearable clothing.
 Maintaining freshness: Keep your laundry fresh and soft, even after multiple drying cycles.

Ease of use: Each pack contains 40 sheets, providing ample supply to keep your laundry smelling and feeling fresh. It's easy to use: just place a sheet in the dryer with your wet laundry and let the Fabulosa magic do its work.

Product information:

 Quantity: 40 sheets per pack
 Fragrance: Cotton Fresh
 For all types of laundry

Transform your drying routine with Fabulosa Dryer Sheets and experience the long-lasting freshness and comfort of laundry that smells and feels like new.
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