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Ajax all-purpose cleaner red flower - 1 liter

Ajax all-purpose cleaner red flower - 1 liter

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Meet the Ajax All-Purpose Cleaner, your ultimate partner in hygiene for every corner of your home! With its powerful effect, this versatile cleaning agent guarantees a thorough cleaning experience, where both extensive surfaces and stubborn stains do not stand a chance. But that's not all – this all-purpose cleaner enchants your living space with an irresistible floral scent, making your home not only look clean, but also smell wonderful.

What makes this all-purpose cleaner really special is that it is pH neutral, making it safe and effective for use on almost all surfaces. No hassle with different cleaning products for different rooms – Ajax is your all-in-one solution!

But there's more! We believe in the power of nature, which is why our all-purpose cleaner is formulated with natural extracts. This not only makes it powerful, but also environmentally friendly. With an impressive 90% biodegradability and a completely vegan formula, Ajax contributes to a cleaner planet without compromising on quality.

And let's not forget: the packaging has also been thoughtfully designed with sustainability in mind. Made from recycled plastic and easy to recycle, our packaging fits seamlessly into your pursuit of a greener lifestyle. Each bottle contains 1000 ml of our powerful all-purpose cleaner, so you can enjoy a clean and fresh home for a long time.

Discover the Ajax All-Purpose Cleaner and bring hygiene, freshness and sustainability together in one bottle!
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