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Scrub Daddy

Dish Daddy Wand Replacement Head Yellow

Dish Daddy Wand Replacement Head Yellow

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Dish Daddy Wand Replacement Head Yellow.
This refill pack is suitable for the Dish Daddy dishwashing brush. The pack contains two new sponges. We recommend replacing the sponges of your Dish Daddy after about 2 months. This way you can get a long time with this refill pack.

The sponges are made of the signature FlexTexture material, like almost all Scrub Daddy sponges. This means that the texture of the sponges becomes hard in cold water and soft in hot water. Thus, holding the sponges under the cold tap makes them suitable for vigorous cleaning and removing such things as caked-on food residue. Under the hot tap, the sponge becomes more absorbent and suitable for gentle cleaning jobs. So this is the perfect addition to your dishwashing brush.

The sponges are yellow and feature a happy face. This will always make dishwashing more fun and easier!

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