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Fabulosa All-purpose Cleaner Spray | Watermelon (500 ml)

Fabulosa All-purpose Cleaner Spray | Watermelon (500 ml)

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Experience a sparkling cleaning experience with Fabulosa All-Purpose Cleaner Spray in the refreshing scent of juicy watermelon. This wonderfully scented cleaner takes your cleaning routine to a whole new level, making cleaning not only effective, but also enjoyable.

With its powerful formula, Fabulosa All-Purpose Cleaner Spray is designed to tackle even the most stubborn stains and dirt effortlessly. while leaving surfaces streak-free and shiny. Whether it's kitchen counters, bathroom tiles, glass surfaces or floors, this all-purpose cleaner offers a versatile solution for all your cleaning needs.

With its handy spray bottle, using Fabulosa All-Purpose Cleaner is quick and easy. Save time and effort while enjoying the sweet smell of fresh watermelons wafting through your home. Moreover, this cleaner is packaged in a handy 500 ml bottle, so you have enough product to last many cleaning sessions.
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