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The Pink Stuff

Stardrops The Pink Stuff - Cleaning Paste 850 gram - 3 pack

Stardrops The Pink Stuff - Cleaning Paste 850 gram - 3 pack

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Have you tried the popular product "The Pink Stuff" while cleaning? This unique product from Stardrops is incredibly effective against stains, but at the same time gentle on all kinds of surfaces. This makes this product ideal for cleaning various pans, glass, rust, sinks, ceramic tiles, garden furniture, boats, copper and much more. Bloggers, Youtubers and TikTokkers are raving about it, anyway!

The Pink Stuff is a paste and so can be easily distributed on many different surfaces. It leaves surfaces, glass, garden furniture and the like shiny clean - and is also based on 100% natural ingredients. The package contains 850g.
Instructions for use Stardrops The Pink Stuff The Pink Stuff Cleaning Paste

Apply The Pink Stuff Cleaning Paste to hard surfaces with a wet sponge, cloth or sponge. You can also use this paste to get white sneakers clean again or remove stains from clothing. On textiles, use a toothbrush or dishwashing brush.

    Effective against stains
    Gentle on surfaces
    Can be used on almost anything
    Suitable for hard surfaces
    Leaves a glossy finish
    100% natural cleaning
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