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Scrub Daddy

Scrub Daddy | Dish Daddy | Blue

Scrub Daddy | Dish Daddy | Blue

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This Dish Daddy dishwashing brush makes dishwashing easier and more fun. With it, your favorite detergent is always at hand, because it is contained in the handle. You fill this reservoir, for example with Scrub Daddy dishwashing liquid, and then simply press the handle to release the detergent. This also makes it easy to apply detergent to the right spot.

Check the liquid level to add new detergent in time so you can get right back to work on your next wash.   On the dishwashing brush is a Scrub Daddy sponge that, like this brand's other sponges, is made of FlexTexture material. This means that the sponge becomes hard in cold water and soft in hot water. So whether you need more or less cleaning power, this dishwashing brush is always suitable!

So you really get rid of all dirt, including stubborn and caked-on food residue.  The sponge can be easily attached to the dishwashing brush with Velcro. This eliminates plastic waste. Need a new sponge? Then order a convenient refill pack, containing up to two sponges, directly from us.

Finally, the blue handle of this dishwashing brush has a sturdy underside, so it stays put, and is guaranteed to be comfortable to hold. So washing dishes in a pleasant way is always up to the task!
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