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Scrub Daddy

Scrub Daddy + Houder - Sponsor 3 Kleuren - Daddy Caddy

Scrub Daddy + Houder - Sponsor 3 Kleuren - Daddy Caddy

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This handy benefit package ensures that your Scrub Daddy's have a permanent place to dry easily at all times. In addition, of course, the Daddy Caddy holder also ensures that the Scrub Daddy can provide a cozy atmosphere in the kitchen by presenting it nicely.

So it can be perfectly used for hanging your Scrub Daddy or Mommy sponges. This way they will never be in the way again and you will never lose them when you want to wash up quickly. The two suction cups allow you to easily mount the holder on clean and smooth surfaces. A sturdy and reliable construction is formed that will not slip or shift easily.

Hang the holder in the sink, for example. This way, not only will you always have your Scrub Daddy sponge at hand, but it can also drain properly when you have just used it. Moreover, the small size of both the holder and the sponges themselves ensures that they never hang in the way.
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