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Scrub Daddy Scour Daddy XL Sponge

Scrub Daddy Scour Daddy XL Sponge

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The Scour Daddy XL Sponge is stronger, thicker, more absorbent and larger than the standard scouring sponges you are used to. With an 85% larger surface area than its counterparts, this sponge is truly a powerhouse when it comes to cleaning. It doesn't matter whether you're dealing with stubborn stains on pots and pans or cleaning delicate surfaces; this sponge is always ready.

What really sets the Scour Daddy apart is the intelligent use of FlexTexture material for its core. This unique material adapts to the water temperature. In warm water it becomes soft and absorbent, allowing you to easily absorb liquids and dirt. But once it comes into contact with cold water, the material becomes firm and powerful, perfect for removing stubborn stains and baked-on residue. Thanks to this innovation, you can now always choose the right cleaning power, without the need for aggressive chemicals.

The versatility of the Scour Daddy is impressive. You can safely use this sponge on a wide range of materials and surfaces without worrying about scratches or damage. Whether you clean stainless steel, glass, ceramic, or plastic, this sponge always delivers excellent results.

In addition, the Scour Daddy XL Sponge is equipped with a handy hanging hook, making it easy to store and dry. No more hassle with wet, smelly sponges lying around everywhere. This sponge stays fresh and ready to use, without retaining unpleasant odors.

Be surprised by the color of the Scour Daddy, because it is supplied assorted, giving you a nice surprise with every purchase. Measuring 14 cm in length, 9.5 cm in width and 2.5 cm in height, this XL sponge offers a generous cleaning experience.

In short, the Scrub Daddy Scour Daddy XL Sponge is the ultimate cleaning partner that ensures efficiency, convenience and sustainability. Take advantage of the power of FlexTexture material and the versatility of this sponge to complete your cleaning tasks effortlessly and effectively. Let this scouring pad make a shining difference in your cleaning routine.
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