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Spunj the Ultra Absorbent Cloth (pink)

Spunj the Ultra Absorbent Cloth (pink)

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Discover the ultimate ally for every cleaning task with Spunj's ultra-absorbent cloth! This versatile cloth, made from hydrophilic material, is your ticket to effortless cleaning jobs. With the ability to hold as much as 7 times its own weight in water, this cloth is a master at soaking up spills without any fuss.

But wait, there's more! This pink cloth is not only an expert at removing liquids, but also holds dust and other dirt tightly. Say goodbye to dripping cloths, because this cloth always ensures a streak-free, spotless result on any surface.

Let this versatile cloth work its magic in every corner of your home. From removing condensation on shower walls to cleaning spills and carefully drying your car after washing. This cloth does it all, and even smooth surfaces like mirrors and tile walls will shine like never before.

With the Spunj cloth you make your cleaning routine a piece of cake! The pack contains 1 vibrant pink cloth that is not only a cleaning wonder, but also adds a pop of color to your household chores. Discover the ease and efficiency of cleaning with the Spunj cloth!
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