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Scrub Daddy

Radiant Clean Set | Scrub Daddy | Yellow

Radiant Clean Set | Scrub Daddy | Yellow

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Make your house radiantly clean again with this unique Scrub Daddy set. The set consists of 3 handy products that help you with various cleaning jobs.

With the Damp Duster you can effortlessly make different surfaces dust and dirt free. The duster retains dirt until you simply rinse it under the tap.

The Dish Daddy ensures that your dishes are sparkling clean again. This washing-up brush is equipped with the unique Flex-Texture material that becomes hard in warm water and soft in cold water. In addition, you can conveniently dose the detergent with the brush.

The set also includes the famous yellow Scrub Daddy sponge. Thanks to the Flex-Texture material, cleaning is a piece of cake. You can effortlessly remove all kinds of dirt from different surfaces.

The Radiant Clean Set contains:

     Yellow Scrub Daddy Sponge
     Yellow Dish Daddy
     Yellow Vapor Duster

Use this handy set for a flawless cleaning experience!
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