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Scrub Daddy

The Orginal Scrub Daddy & Scrub Mommy

The Orginal Scrub Daddy & Scrub Mommy

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The Original Scrub Daddy & Scrub Mommy sponge adapts to you as soon as you start washing dishes or household chores. Depending on the temperature of the water, the texture of the sponge changes to firm or soft. In cold water, the sponge becomes hard. This makes the sponge suitable for scrubbing stubborn dirt.
With warm water, the sponge is soft and more absorbent. This makes it ideal for washing dishes.
Residues left on the sponge are easily rinsed away as soon as you hold the sponge under warm water and squeeze it.
The cheerful face of the sponge has an important reason. You can easily put your cutlery in the smiley's mouth, cleaning the top and bottom at the same time.

  •     A smart solution for cleaning the kitchen and bathroom
  •     Soft in hot water and firm in cold water
  •     Lies comfortably in the hand and provides good grip and coverage
  •     Stubborn dirt is quickly removed
  •     Can quickly remove stains without harsh chemicals

Because the sponge dries within 1 hour, it does not go moldy and does not retain odors.
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