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The Pink Stuff

The Pink Stuff - The Everything Set

The Pink Stuff - The Everything Set

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In this "Everything Set" you will receive the following from The Pink Stuff:
  • Pink Stuff Pasta 850 grams
  • Wash-up spray (Dishwasher spray)
  • Toilet cleaner 750ml
  • Cream cleaner 750 ml
  • Floor cleaner 1 liter
  • All purpose cleaner 750ml
  • Window and Glass cleaner 750ml
  • Bathroom Spray 750ml
Whether you are cleaning tiles, glass, paintwork, outdoor furniture, toilet, stovetops or sinks. With this 3-piece Pink Stuff package, you can easily remove stains from any surface. Rub the surface with a soft cloth and rinse away with water to easily remove stains anywhere. The Pink Stuff is an essential cleaning product for your household.

Founded in 1938, The Pink Stuff, cleaning paste is a versatile, specially formulated, vegetable oil-based cleaner for both indoor and outdoor use.

- 99% natural ingredients
- Environmentally friendly
- Non-hazardous formulation
- Not tested on animals

For use

The Pink Stuff is a mild detergent and should be used with care. Apply with a soft cloth or sponge. Rub gently before rinsing with water and polish after with a clean, dry cloth.


Do not use on plastic, acrylic or highly polished surfaces. Do not use on hot or warm surfaces. Do not apply excessive pressure to glass and ceramic cooktops as it may damage the surface.
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