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The Pink Stuff

The Pink Stuff Floor Cleaner - Direct to the Floor 750 ml

The Pink Stuff Floor Cleaner - Direct to the Floor 750 ml

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Introducing the ultimate solution for floor cleaning - our handy Floor Cleaner! No more hassle with diluting cleaning agents or carrying buckets and water. With this innovative floor cleaner you can make your floors shine in no time, without any effort.

What makes our Floor Cleaner so special? It's simple - no dilution, no fuss! Thanks to the handy spray nozzle, the cleaner can be applied directly and evenly to the floor. No more buckets of water needed, a simple mop is all you need.

Use is a piece of cake. Simply spray the Floor Cleaner directly onto your floor surface and use long, smooth strokes to clean your floor. There is no need to dry or rinse afterwards, because our Floor Cleaner has a Quick-dry formula. Your floor will dry quickly and leave a shiny, streak-free result.
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